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Exclusive wrapping papers

Exclusive wrapping papers in the form of delicate silk tissue paper with a weight of 18 g / m2.
What distinguishes silk wrapping paper is durability and a pleasure to touch in one.
The main advantage of silk paper is that it does not discolor. If wet, the paper will not discolor the product.

The paper rustles pleasantly when opening the package, thanks to which it perfectly creates an unforgettable unboxing experience, i.e. an unforgettable process of opening the package.
A beautifully packaged product will emphasize the company’s image and also emphasize the quality of the packaged products. Ecological and biodegradable product.
Great for packaging products, creating gift boxes. It is widely used, first of all, for packing clothes, underwear, cosmetics, haberdashery, various types of interior design elements.

A wide range of colors, over 60 shades, makes it possible to match the color to the brand image.
Standard size of silk paper 50×75 cm. We also offer the possibility of cutting into smaller sheets of any size.

Paper also available in roll form.

We sell from 240 sheets …

Possibility of personalization on paper by printing a logo or any graphics.

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of wrapping gifts in exclusive papers?
Many people who prepare gifts for their own holidays and other special occasions struggle with this question. Therefore, together with you, we decided to take a closer look at why it is worth wrapping gifts with exclusive paper.
Remarkable elegance is the basis
The main advantage when it comes to exclusive wrapping papers is their unusual appearance. Thanks to the use of thin sheets of paper and delicate, subdued colors, we can emphasize the appearance of our gift, and thus additionally stimulate the senses of the recipient. In addition, in this simple way we can make even if our gift is an object simple in appearance, thanks to the exclusive wrapping papers it can take on a completely different character. As for the papers themselves, they are made in a special technique, thanks to which they do not discolor. For this reason, we can confidently pack them, for example, cosmetics or bottles of wine. In addition, we can order printing on them.

Let’s not forget about ecology!
Equally important with this type of paper is that, firstly, they are completely recyclable, and secondly, they decompose much faster than decorations made of plastic. Therefore, if we care not only about elegance, but also ecology, it is worth considering the purchase of exclusive wrapping paper for our packages and gifts.
Exclusive wrapping papers are a great solution for people who want to emphasize the appearance of their gifts. People who care about ecology will also like them, because they are completely biodegradable and recyclable. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make your gift look more elegant, then exclusive wrapping papers can be a bull’s eye.

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