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An ecological alternative to bubble wrap or stretch wrap.
Safety and performance in a biodegradable edition.

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An ecological alternative to bubble wrap in a natural color.
Thanks to the cuts in the right way, the paper after stretching creates a “honeycomb” structure, giving a 3D effect.
It is very flexible, therefore it perfectly adapts to the shape of the products.
It has a security function and is very efficient.
3D paper also gives the effect of a stretch film – after stretching, one layer adheres to the other and does not unfold.
The price is for 1 roll, equal to 450 m.


In the face of increasingly intensive, unfavorable climate changes, the issue of the use of raw materials and their impact on the natural environment is being approached with increasing attention. The rush of life and the lack of free time forces, in turn, to use mail order shopping more and more often, which saves time and often money. So how to effectively reconcile the convenience of online shopping and the need to carefully secure them during shipping with the zero waste attitude, which tries to resign as much as possible from the production of waste, especially those using plastic.

The ideal solution seems to be 3D KRAFT paper, i.e. an ecological alternative to plastic bubble wrap and stretch. Produced without the use of harmful bleaching substances and dyes, in a natural color, made of recycled paper, it will perfectly protect any delicate item, and at the same time it is extremely efficient. Thanks to innovative incisions forming a “honeycomb” structure after stretching and giving the paper a 3D effect, it is extremely flexible, thanks to which it adheres precisely to any product, even those with the most irregular shapes. Due to the fact that after putting several layers of paper on top of each other, they adhere tightly to each other without unrolling, the product will also perfectly replace stretch foil. Irreplaceable when filling packages, it does not create dust, which is often the case when using traditional cut cardboard. Thanks to its biodegradability, the paper is ecological and is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of securing and packing goods. The use of 3D KRAFT paper also turns out to be much more economical than wrapping products with traditional, “gray” paper, thanks to the cuts, it is easy to increase not only its length, but also its volume.

3D KRAFT paper is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to perfectly protect packaged goods while taking care of the environment and promoting the idea of reducing harmful waste.


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