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Food wrapping paper is the most popular wrapping material in the world. It is widely used in the food industry for packing, protecting, baking or separating products. It affects not only the freshness of stored products, but also helps to preserve their taste. It can be used in the food and industrial sectors. It is perfect in packing food, cold cuts, cheeses, as well as cakes and desserts. The innovative coating technique guarantees the highest quality, which makes the paper often chosen for restaurants and eateries.

Food paper

it does not have a PE layer or foil additives, which makes it ecological and biodegradable , environmentally friendly. The product has the necessary approvals allowing it to come into contact with food , making it safe for the health of your customers. Responsible production Zero Waste produces no waste, instead promotes the natural decay and reuse of resources, caring for the environment and human health. Acting in line with the Zero Waste movement undoubtedly contributes to the fight against climate change. It is an ideal solution that should be introduced in every enterprise. It is not only a reduction in expenses, but also an effective solution that believes that the eco culture can be spread more and more.
Food wrapping paper comes in two colors, white and brown . Due to the possibility of individual printing, the paper is completely universal. Available in rolls or sheets allows for quick packaging of products. > Wrapping paper is characterized not only by high quality, but also by durability and resistance to high temperatures up to 220 degrees. One-sided greaseproof coating protects against seepage of food. For years, wrapping papers have been the best products appreciated on the market by many manufacturers. They are characterized by the convenience of use, which translates into the lightness of the paper, efficiency ensuring freedom of use and measurable savings when packaging products.
boxes with shoes.
Food-grade paper that is approved for contact with food.
It works well in the food, bakery and confectionery industries, as well as in the industrial sector, e.g. for lining

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