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it is the basic decorative element of the table regardless of the occasion.
The offer includes fleece and tissue napkins that look beautiful on their own, but also perfectly complement flower arrangements.
Fleece napkins come in a full range of colors, so you can create table decorations for any occasion. They are formed very easily.
The size of the 40×40 napkin makes it possible to create fancy shapes that make guests delighted with the prepared arrangement.

The higher grammage of the fleece napkin as opposed to the paper napkin makes the napkin much more durable and efficient.
It successfully withstands the entire party.

In structure and touch, they resemble fabric, which makes them look very elegant and chic.
The use of a fleece napkin instead of a fabric napkin is much more convenient because it saves time and money for washing.

A large number of modern napkin designs and motifs make it possible to create perfect decorations for various occasions, e.g. wedding tables, birthday parties.
The ability to personalize the napkins by printing a logo or graphics allows you to customize the product for a given event.

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