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fleece is a quick and convenient table decoration. The offer includes treads in various lengths.

A convenient form of use, you only need to unfold the tread and adjust the length of the tread to the size of the table. Longer treads contain perforation, which makes it even more convenient to use, thanks to which we can adapt it in a chic way to the dimensions of the table.
Fleece treads have a higher grammage than paper treads, thanks to which they feel like the material to the touch, but unlike traditional fabric treads, they are much more comfortable to use.

The offer includes a full range of colors and patterns, so you can match the decoration to different occasions. Treads are very durable, therefore they are an ideal replacement for fabric treads.
They protect the table surface against staining and damage.

Compared to fabric treads, the use of fleece treads is much more economical because it saves time and money on washing.
It perfectly harmonizes with non-woven napkins. Application during various types of events, events.

Decorate your table beautifully, effectively and quickly with fleece runners.

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