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An ecological alternative to bubble wrap or stretch foil.
Safety and efficiency in a biodegradable version

Ecological approach to fillers: 3D KRAFT PAPER
Appropriate securing of the shipped goods so that they are not damaged during shipment is very important for all entrepreneurs who sell e-commerce. Internet users who buy various items online want to receive the ordered product in perfect condition, but is the use of non-ecological options such as bubble wrap or stretch foil really necessary? Our new product – KRAFT 3D PAPER shows that it is not! The offered alternative is perfect as a filler , thanks to which the goods will be as well protected as if the seller used a traditional foil.


versus foil: why is it worth it?
If bubble and stretch foil works just as well as 3D KRAFT PAPER, why should you start using it? We are in a hurry to answer this question! Currently, many people (including Internet users and potential e-shop customers, regardless of the industry) attach great importance to an ecological lifestyle. Zero waste has also become fashionable in Poland thanks to numerous influencers who successfully promote this approach to life. PAPER 3D KRAFT is an ecological replacement for foil, thanks to which every seller can show his customers that he is also “for” ecology. Thanks to this, the perception of the brand will be better, and zero waste lovers can also decide to shop more often.
The advantages of an ecological filler in practice
KRAFT 3D PAPER is more visually effective than ordinary clear bubble wrap. The honeycomb structure created by our filler gives a beautiful 3D effect, but is also flexible, thanks to which it perfectly adapts to the shape of products, regardless of their shape or form. After stretching the paper over the goods, the paper does not unfold and the subsequent layers adhere to each other – thanks to this, the product is well protected, and the packaging itself – easy and quick. The high efficiency of the filler is another advantage – KRAFT 3D PAPER is sold in rolls of 450 m.

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