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Paper shavings are the perfect filling for all kinds of packages, gifts, gift baskets. They prevent damage to items and add aesthetics. They absorb moisture well. They are dust-free, the advantage is a very low dustiness, which positively affects the aesthetics and comfort of use. The shavings are made of shredded paper, 100% colored cellulose, with a weight of 60 g.

We offer paper shavings, available in 2 mm and 4 mm variants, in a wide range of colors.
We are a producer of paper chips. If you need a wholesale quantity, please contact the consultant directly.

Colored paper shavings do not discolor, do not fade.

Available colors: white, craft, orange, gray, black, burgundy, red, green, navy blue, blue, yellow, pink, mint, light blue, light pink, ecru.

Two types of crimping: ZigZag and Spaghetti

Paper shavings are ecological filling of the shipment, the products are fully ecological – a zero waste product, after fulfilling its function, it can be reused. Biodegradable.

Sales by kilograms: We sell compressed in cubes or loose, packed in boxes. Wholesale and retail quantities.

Paper shavings

They protect delicate products from mechanical damage during transport. They perfectly absorb the packed products, so they can also be used when packing gift baskets.
Absorb liquids in case of spillage during transport – high absorbency of paper shavings.
Paper shavings are a great – eco substitute for various types of foil and bubble wrap fillers.

Our company is a Polish producer of paper shavings which give a unique and original look to gifts, gift baskets and packages. This is due to the variety of types of shavings in our offer. The color range of paper fillers is very wide. You can choose from such colors as: white, craft, orange, gray, black, burgundy, red, green, navy blue, blue, yellow, pink, mint, light blue, light pink and ecru. There are two types of ribs: Spaghetti (it is very elastic and comfortable to use) and Zig-Zag (its formula is strongly wavy, which gives a great visual effect). We also provide two variants of their width: 2 mm and 4 mm.
Besides its original appearance and incredible variety, paper shavings have other advantages. The most important of them is their functionality and practicality. Paper fillers protect delicate items in transport against mechanical damage and absorb the package against shocks. Paper shavings do their job just as well as their plastic counterparts. Our paper fillers are able to absorb large amounts of liquids, ensuring complete protection of your package. The strength and good quality of our chips prevent them from being damaged by external factors – they do not fade or discolor. This guarantees that their use-by date is very long. They are resistant to dust thanks to their low dustiness. This ensures that the aesthetics of the package is maintained from the beginning of transport until it is unpacked.
Paper shavings of our company is a product that, just like us, follows the spirit of the Zero Waste culture. Paper shavings replace plastic fillers for packages and gifts , thus saving our planet from plastic. In addition, the shavings are recyclable because they are biodegradable. As a result, the material from which they were made can be recycled for reuse.
In the case of a wholesale order, please contact the consultant. It is possible to sell by kilograms in the form of compressed cubes or loose packed in boxes.

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