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Cardboard boxes

– ecology, personalization and style
Paper boxes are a very common and at the same time extremely practical way to pack a package economically. Every e-commerce retailer knows that shipping costs, which are most often charged to customers’ wallets, shouldn’t be expensive. Cardboard boxes are not only economical, but also allow for quick and easy packing of goods. They protect it during transport, are ecological, and at the same time can be personalized to convey a specific message. Personalization also means the possibility of placing the brand’s logo on the package, thanks to which the customer immediately knows from which e-shop the package comes from. Visually aesthetic and ecological packaging is something that people ordering products via the Internet pay attention to more and more often. The purchase of company packaging for parcels will be particularly profitable when the company plans to cooperate with influencers who will review or simply recommend specific goods in front of the camera or on the pages of a thematic blog. Photos and film shots with beautiful packaging and unpacking a nicely packed package are also a great advertisement for the brand.
Zero waste style boxes: a cost effective way to pack your goods
The zero waste style has been consistently entering the Polish market for several years. More and more people in our country and in Western countries are interested in the composition of packaging and how it affects the natural environment (neutral or negative). Ecological cardboard boxes are a great way to inform your customers that the company is also “pro-eco”. The advantage of such boxes is that they can be used many times. In practice, this means that the person who received a package with the brand’s logo will still be able to use the box, and the printed logo will remind them more than once about successful purchases and the store where they were made. Among the products we offer, you can find paper boxes in various sizes and shapes, so that virtually every type of product can be found with a suitable zero waste packaging .

Cardboard boxes – producer

Mailer and flap boxes are a quick and convenient way to pack products for e-commerce shipping.
They are the basis for creating a perfectly packed shipment, they perfectly protect the packed products against damage during transport.

Boxes are great for creating gift boxes or subscription shipments.
Boxes are an ecological product that can be used many times.

The offer includes various types and sizes of boxes, so you can adjust them to your products and needs.
Among the boxes, we have boxes with a convenient tear-off, which means that there is no need to use tape when packing.

They perfectly harmonize with exclusive wrapping papers, paper chip filling for parcels, creating a great unboxing experience.
The possibility of personalizing the box by printing a logo or any graphics – it is a great way for additional marketing activities.

The possibility of printing and personalizing the box.

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