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Slivv eco sleeve as an alternative to traditional packaging
As we mentioned, this type of wine packaging adheres perfectly and fits the bottle, regardless of its shape. This is due to the material from which the Eko Slivv sleeve was made. Cardboard is used for the production of packaging, which, thanks to its flexibility, protects each product in 100%. The raw material from which the sleeve is made, i.e. paper, is not only much easier to recycle, but also contributes significantly to the care of the environment. The method of producing Slivv eco sleeves guarantees high durability of the bottle packaging, which allows for multiple use. The Selglam brand, thanks to its products, therefore significantly fits into the zero waste support policy.
How else can I safely pack my gift?
In addition to practical and ecological bottle covers, among the available products, customers also have at their disposal eco-fillers in the form of natural paper shavings, which will protect each wrapped gift. Paper shavings are 100% ecological and biodegradable, and thanks to a wide range of colors, they can become an interesting and original gift wrap. 3D paper will do just as well, thanks to its honeycomb-like structure, it is extremely durable and can be a great substitute for traditional bubble wrap. Many available products can be found at https://selglam.com/kat/pakowanie/pudelko-wino.
There are plenty of solutions and possibilities for ecological gift wrapping. Currently, the most important issue is taking care of our planet. Thanks to interesting ideas for zero waste packaging from Selglam, we are able to reduce, at least to a small extent, carbon dioxide emissions and waste production.
Wine packaging – or other alcohol in the form of flexible sleeves.
A wide range of sizes allows you to adjust the packaging to the selected bottle height.
Eco Slivv sleeve is an innovative product for packaging products in jars, bottles – cosmetics in jars, various types of oils, serums, wine bottles, jars with preserves.
The flexible formula of the sleeve perfectly protects the products by closely matching the shape of the package.
Eco Slivv sleeve is an innovative product with a unique wave structure that absorbs harmful shocks during transport.
The packaging presents the product beautifully, thanks to which the packed product can be given as a gift.

Wine packaging

in the form of a sleeve, Slivv has additional protection of the bottom of the bottle, which means that we can be sure that the product will not slip out of the sleeve.

Various types and dimensions of sleeves on offer enable adjustment to the size of the packed products.
Various color variants available.

Perfectly protects products, especially in glass packages.
Ecological and environmentally friendly product made of paper. The product is a great zero waste product that can be used repeatedly.

The perfect packaging for alcohol – it is a way for innovative and environmentally friendly packaging of products.
By packing your product (glass, bottle) in the Eco Slivv sleeve, you will pack your product beautifully and ecologically, and you can be sure that the product has the best protection.

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