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Ecological and biodegradable wrapping paper . A beautifully packaged product will emphasize the company’s image and the quality of the packaged products.
It would seem that everything has already been said about the paper. But did you know that paper has a huge impact on shaping the company’s image? Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of online sales. Many companies have been forced to transfer their own business online. Running a business related to selling products online is a number of advantages and a huge challenge. First of all, the question arises, how to keep the client for longer? Well, let him meet you! The presentation of the brand and products begins with online advertising and ends with delivery. In the past, when sending a package to a customer, it was important to properly secure it. Today, it is also about presenting the article and, above all, the entire company. The packaging is supposed to protect, be unique and ecological. And so, the well-known paper returned to favor. In this article, you will learn what wrapping paper is and why you should befriend it.

Wrapping paper

– as a choice of the consumer.
Online store customers are deprived of the comfort of direct contact with customer service, interacting with products and experiencing the energy of the brand. Whether the customer comes back depends, among other things, on the emotions that accompany him during the entire sales process. From accessing the website to unpacking the package. It should be remembered that a modern company not only cares about its own interest, but also cares about the needs of the Earth. Do you use bubble wrap and plastic fillers to secure your shipments? You better get over it. The modern consumer wants to be eco, segregates rubbish and avoids plastic. Consumers see paper as a natural and environmentally friendly material. The entrepreneur should see it as an element that secures the goods and presents his own brand.

Wrapping paper

– ecological protection of the shipment.
Wrapping paper can be divided into several types. That is, the one that is used to fill the empty space of the package. And the one that will allow you to present the product. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to fill your package and secure your goods, choose kraft or glue-free . This type of kraft paper is distinguished by its strength and resistance to damage. Moreover, it is the epitome of minimalism, ecology and aesthetics. Formerly used as a book cover, today it reigns supreme as a package filler. Regardless of whether you run a business related to the sale of cosmetics, food, clothes or home accessories, wrapping paper will be able to protect each product. This paper is usually sold in rolls for sheets. An additional advantage of kraft papers is their attractive price.

Wrapping paper – colored tissue paper and SEDA.
Well-designed packaging tells the story of the company and its values. When picking up the parcel, the customer experiences direct contact with the company for the first time. It can therefore be concluded that this is the most important moment in building emotions and ties with the brand. The product wrapped in ecological wrapping paper presents the image of a reliable company, taking care of details, the customer and the planet. This paper is also called tissue paper . It is characterized by a low basis weight and a delicate appearance. This paper is available in many color variants. Thanks to this, the company will successfully adapt it to its own visual identification. An additional attraction of the paper will be its personalization and the application of the company’s logo. Research shows that when faced with a tagged paper, the customer has a sense of a valuable and exclusive commodity. In addition to the fact that this paper presents the product being shipped perfectly, it is also ecological and 100% biodegradable.

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