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Kits for packing the shipment

or creating a creative gift box.
The set is a convenient way to pack a gift beautifully and ecologically.
It consists of a basic mailer box, a sheet of delicate silk paper, a quilt made of paper shavings.
Delicate paper adds elegance and emphasizes the quality of the packed package.
Paper shavings perfectly amortize the product during shipping, and also beautifully display it.
The set also includes a sticker, i.e. a small sticker that allows you to finish the entire composition.

Two size versions make it possible to adjust to the size of the packed items.

The set can be personalized by choosing the color of the paper and paper shavings, so you can adapt your gift box to the occasion.
Each element of the set is an ecological product. The individual elements of the box and the box itself can be reused supporting the zero waste idea.

A beautifully wrapped gift is an additional joy and pleasure to open. The ready set allows you to create a perfect unboxing experience prepared with the utmost attention to every detail.

In the ready box you can pack anything you want, cosmetics, sweets, clothes, interior items.

A tastefully packaged gift in line with the zero waste style? With ready-made packages for packing parcels and gifts, creating an ecological and aesthetic gift is at your fingertips. The recycled materials used have been meticulously processed, as a result of which we have created a first-class product.
We offer complete packaging in two sizes, for small items and those slightly more impressive. The standard set consists of a shaped box, decorative paper and a filler made with attention to detail. The box is made of stiff, high-grammage paper, which ensures an aesthetic shape and protection against damage. A sheet of paper with a fine silk structure guarantees a luxurious appearance of the content. The gently wrapped product inside the package looks exclusive and mysterious. Paper shavings, in various color variants, fill the inside of the package, leaving no loose air spaces. In addition, they look aesthetically and perfectly display the content, making the entire gift in good taste. We attach the so-called sticker, i.e. a sticker on which you can write the name of the recipient or any short text that is characteristic for a given occasion. The possibility of personalizing the packaging allows you to adjust the product to individual preferences. All materials used are ecological and can be reused – as a gift box for another person, a box for handy home accessories or a container for small toys in a child’s room.
Packing kits will prove themselves not only as a sophisticated way to pack a gift. Used in online stores to pack the ordered items, they emphasize the professional approach and customer care. And this inspires trust and builds a long-term relationship with the contractor. It is worth investing in ready-made kits, not only will it save time, but also ensure a high standard of the supply chain.

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