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MINI set

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Ready sets to pack a shipment or create a creative gift box with dimensions of 21x12x8 cm.


The set consists of a basic mailer box, a sheet of delicate silk paper, feather beds made of paper shavings.
Delicate paper adds elegance and emphasizes the quality of the packed package.
Paper shavings perfectly cushion the product during shipping, and they also beautifully display it.
The set also includes a sticker, i.e. a small sticker that allows you to finish the entire composition.

Two size versions give the possibility of adjusting to the size of packed items.

The set can be personalized by choosing the color of tissue paper and paper shavings, thanks to which you can adapt your gift box to the occasion.
Each element of the set is an ecological product. Individual elements of the box and the box itself can be reused by supporting the zero waste idea.

A beautifully wrapped gift is an extra joy and pleasure to open. The ready set allows you to create a perfect unboxing experience prepared with the utmost attention to every detail.
The set is a convenient way to beautifully and ecologically pack a gift.
In the ready box you can pack whatever you want, cosmetics, sweets, clothes, interior design elements.


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